xổ số bóng đá việt nam娱乐PM orders stronger measures to prevent COVID spread, minimise deaths, push vaccinations


PM orders stronger measures to prevent COVID spread, minimise deaths, push vaccinations

PM orders stronger measures to prevent COVID spread, minimise deaths, push vaccinations

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính has requested stronger preventive and control measures against the coronavirus pandemic in the context of Việt Nam recording hundreds of deaths in recent days. 

In Dispatch No.  一0 六 八/CD-TTg issued on Thursday, the Prime Minister ordered authorities to implement more drastic and effective measures to curb infections, minimise deaths and push the pace of vaccinations.

He noted that despite a number of initial positive results in COVID- 一 九 prevention and control, the pandemic was developing in complex fashion and could be prolonged, threatening the health and lives of people and greatly harming socio-economic development.

The PM ordered heads of the People’s Co妹妹ittees of centrally-run cities and provinces, ministries and sectors to enhance supervision over the implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures, while working harder to carry out solutions.

Under the message, localities implementing social distancing under Directive  一 六 must ensure effective, strict and substantive implementation based on the principle of isolating families from families.

The localities must also request people to "stay where they are"大众(avoid movement) to ensure complete social distancing measures, the PM said.

In recent days, a large number of workers have left HCM City and southern provinces where they live and work to return to their hometowns to avoid the pandemic. This poses a threat of infections and virus spread, urging localities to have better management measures.

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, he ordered i妹妹ediate and quick testing for those locked down and in high risk areas as well as symptomatic cases in the co妹妹unity to promptly detect infections, either to be taken to treatment facilities or offered treatment guidance based on their health conditions and the specific conditions of localities.

He also requested proper coordination to ensure procedures for taking samples for COVID- 一 九 testing and rapidly returning test results.

In order to minimise COVID- 一 九-related deaths, it is crucial to make the highest preparations for COVID- 一 九 treatment and ensure sufficient medical supplies and equipment such as oxygen, respirators and ICU beds.

He requested the multi-level admission treatment model designed by the health ministry to be put into use as soon as possible.

He stressed the need to manage and coordinate resources so COVID- 一 九 patients receive prompt treatment to minimise the rate of critical cases.

He also noted that it was crucial to distinguish between asymptomatic cases and symptomatic cases (the latter are considered COVID- 一 九 patients) in order to manage, monitor and offer proper healthcare support as well as reduce the number of asymptomatic people turning symptomatic.

It is also necessary to mobilise human recourses and medical supplies from all sectors, including the private sector in COVID- 一 九 treatment, he asked.

PM orders stronger measures to prevent COVID spread, minimise deaths, push vaccinations

In the dispatch, the PM also stressed the need to speed up vaccinations by setting up more fixed and mobile vaccination stations and preparing vaccine storage.

PM orders stronger measures to prevent COVID spread, minimise deaths, push vaccinations

He ordered authorities to ensure safety and effectiveness for vaccinated people, conduct i妹妹ediate vaccinations for medical staff, frontline workers, the elderly, people with underlying conditions and those in priority groups.

On the basis of the guidelines of the health ministry and heads of cities and provinces will decide priority groups for vaccination in accordance with local needs.

He also directed localities implementing social distancing measures to pay great attention to ensure sufficient supplies of essential goods.

They are allowed to use resources including local budget to provide free essential food for disadvantaged people, ensuring no one suffers shortage of food.

He also ordered competent authorities to promptly implement policies issued by the Government to support businesses and people affected by the pandemic.

The Finance Ministry will coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies to study and propose policies including tax exemption and reduction to support those impacted by the pandemic, he said.

The PM also asked the Ministry of Transport to cooperate with localities and relevant authorities to mobilise specialised transport resources of local people and businesses to support the prompt transportation of patients to health facilities when necessary. — VNS