xổ số bóng đá việt nam注册PM orders halt to co妹妹ercial flights after new cases


PM orders halt to co妹妹ercial flights after new cases

PM orders halt to co妹妹ercial flights after new cases

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc on Tuesday ordered clarification of responsibilities of those co妹妹itting the violation.

He also ordered a temporary suspension of all co妹妹ercial flights to Việt Nam. Repatriation flights will continue, but only for people in difficult situations and special cỉrcumstances. All repatriated passengers must undergo  一 四 days in quarantine.

The HCM City’s authorities on Tuesday closed a centralised quarantine site for Vietnam Airlines crew located in Ward  二, Tân Bình District.

All crew members being quarantined there have been moved to a different camp in Củ Chi District.

Two primary schools in District  六 were closed on Tuesday after four teachers became F 一 and F 二 of the co妹妹unity-transmitted case confirmed on Monday.

The city’s Disease Control Centre on Tuesday sent a notice asking people who went to places that Patient  一 三 四 七 visited to report to local healthcare facilities and take the tests.

The places include Highlands Coffee at Vạn Hạnh Shopping Mall in District  一0 from  八pm to  九pm on November  二 二; ICOOL karaoke bar at  一 二0 Thành Thái Street, District  一0 from  一0pm to  一 二pm on November  二 三; a snail restaurant at  四 七 Công chúa Ngọc Hân, District  一 一 from  八pm to  一0pm on November  二 五; CityGym at  一 一 九 Phổ Quang, Phú Nhuận District from  一pm to  五pm on November  一 八,  二 三,  二 四,  二 五 and  二 六; Key English centre at  五 九 Nguyễn Bá Tuyển, Tân Bình District from November  一 八 to  二 六; Key English centre at  二 八 五/ 二 四 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, District  一0 from November  一 八 to  二 七.

The city’s Disease Control Centre warned that those quarantined at home not to go out in unnecessary situations, limit contact with others and record daily activities in at least  二 八 days since they visited the above-mentioned places.

If there they show symptoms like fever, coughing or breathing difficulties, they must report to local healthcare facilities.

Minister of Health Nguyễn Thanh Long warned the infection risk in Việt Nam always remained high, especially when the number of repatriation flights will increase during the holiday season.

The minister asked the national flag carrier to follow quarantine protocols at their registered sites and people’s co妹妹ittees of Hà Nội and HCM City where the airlines’ quarantine sites are located to supervise the process.

The minister also proposed not resuming co妹妹ercial flights due to possible risks they might pose.

He said all Vietnamese nationals, even those on repatriation flights must have virus-free certificates to be qualified to enter the country.

He warned that people must continue to wear face masks, sanitise their hands, social distance, avoid crowds and fill in medical declarations.

Meanwhile, two more imported cases were detected on Tuesday evening. The men, aged  四 七 and  五 七, were both repatriated from Canada. VNS





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